Razzle Dazzle Labradors of Georgia

Quality AKC Registered Labrador Retriever (Lab) Puppies for Sale in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Champagne, Chocolate, Silver, Black & Charcoal in Georgia.

Feeding Your Puppy.

What Type of Food?

We strongly recommend you continue feeding your new puppy the TLC PUPPY FOOD food that he/she will be started on.  Just one way we do our best to make sure your new puppy has the best start possible.  Skimping on nutrition will not produce a strong healthy puppy or adult dog.  But even if you choose to use a different food, please be sure it is a high quality, super premium food.  We will of course send you home with a small bag of food that can be mixed with your new food that will last your puppy a couple of days.

How Much Should My Puppy Eat?

Growing puppies need a lot of nutrition, therefore eat a lot!  We recommend feeding your puppy three times daily and allowing him/her to eat as much as they would like per feeding, then when he/she is finished, remove the dish until the next feeding time.  Growing puppies are very active and rarely will one become overweight, unless kenneled excessively and not allowed to get enough exercise.  However, that being said, please use common sense.  If your puppy is getting too heavy, cut back on the amount he/she is eating a bit, if he/she is too thin, encourage him/her to eat more.  Unless a puppy is receiving a lot of treats or table scraps, he/she won't become finicky and will eat the same food everyday without tiring of it.  Table scraps should NEVER be given as they can cause stomach upset, finickiness and cause obesity.  When your puppy is about 5-6 months of age, cut back to two feeding per day for the rest of your dog's life. 

Should I Feed My Dog Supplements?

There are a number of nutritional supplements out there, but we have used NuVet Vitamins for years and we believe they are necessary of what your dog is lacking in food.
We take a multivitamin everyday and believe our pets should too. You may order directly from the manufacturer by calling 1-800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 58279, or ordering online at http://www.nuvet.com/58279  By using autoship you can save an additional 15%.