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Help My Puppy Won't Stop Biting Me!!!

One of the biggest problems people have after adoption their new puppy is training him/her to stop biting them and their children.  First, you must be very CONSISTENT, and everyone must use the same method to not confuse the puppy.  Puppies play, learn and explore by using their mouths, it's up to you to teach your puppy that biting is not acceptable behavior and is very painful.  Puppy teeth are razor sharp and when a puppy bites you, it hurts!!  One thing to avoid is allowing your children to run away screaming when the puppy bites on them or their pant legs, etc.  The puppy will think the child is enjoying it and having a great time!  Instruct your child to stop, scold the puppy "no bite!" and offer him/her a toy.  When the toy is accepted, praise the puppy for chewing on the toy rather than fingers.  Below are a few websites that will help give you more ideas on stopping your puppy from biting people's fingers.  Please check several out and see which method seems to work best for your puppy.  You may also wish to discuss some suggestions with your vet, they are usually a very helpful resource when problems arise.  The websites below are in no particular order and we do not favor or endorse any of them.

Puppy Biting Site #1

Puppy Biting Site #2

Puppy Biting Site #3

Puppy Biting Site #4

Puppy Biting Site #5

With consistent training, your puppy's bad biting habit should subside within two weeks.  It will seem like a very LONG couple of weeks, but eventually you'll realize that he/she is no longer doing this.  It really will pass!!! 

Good luck and enjoy your new puppy, before long he/she will be your best friend and know all the "rules".