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 In September 2013 I received the best gift a girl could give herself! A puppy named Sterling from Razzle Dazzle Labradors. I have renamed her Sephora and she is the best dog I have ever met! Even as a puppy she is always praised by strangers for her calm demeanor and well behaved manners. She has been in training since she was 7 weeks old, and everyone is super impressed with how smart she is. She loves to play ball, loves the lake and loves leaves. She brings me so much JOY! So much so that in January I will be adding another Silver Labrador from Razzle Dazzle Labradors to our family so that Sephora can be a big sister. Because she is such a wonderful dog I couldn't imagine not coming back to you to bring another dog into our family. These are definitely special dogs!
Not to mention, that Brooke, cares very much about her dogs and puppies and I have made great friends with other people who own dogs from Razzle Dazzle Labradors as well. Such a great experience!
Malia & Sephora

I am the owner of a doggie daycare in Columbus.  One of my customers bought a pup from you.  He is one of the most beautiful and sweetest labs I have ever met, and I meet a lot of them.  Our hearts are broken because the gentleman is military and will be transferring to another base next week, taking our sweet Stanley with him.  I have a black lab named Sandy.  She is such a precious girl.  She didn't chew, was never hyper and has the sweetest personality ever.  However, she is actually my sons dog.  Sadly, I know he will be taking Sandy when he leaves home.  I had to get on your web site and see your babies.  I will definitely be contacting you in the future about a puppy.  It's exciting to find out that we have a good breeder close to home.  Especially, your silver labs.  Before now the closest place I had heard of was in Texas.  Have a Merry Christmas and thank you for your time.

Nancy Joyner, Owner 
Paws & Play

My name is Kristin. I have your beautiful dog (I named her Nyla after The Lion king since she looks like Nyla). Thank you so much for allowing Nyla to be part of my life. She has brought me soo much happiness. She looks almost identical to her gorgeous mother.
Thanks again, Kristin Thomas

Thought you may want to see his progress.  Great puppy and full of energy.  He is affectionate and a hand full at the same time.  Looks great and growing nicely.  He will head to trainer at the end of January for some intensive work.  Again thanks for a job well done.
The Stanley's

Hi Brooke,
My boyfriend Ryan and I bought a puppy from you in early July (Earl). We named him Stanley :) We just wanted to let you know how truly happy we are! He is a wonderful puppy, growing into an amazing dog. He constantly gets stopped for his good looks and beautiful eyes. He loves to play with other dogs and run himself ragged so he can take a nice long nap. We just wanted you to know how happy we are and how great Stanley is doing!
Thanks so much!
Elizabeth and Ryan

Just wanted to let u know Bear is doing good.  He is a beautiful and healthy one year old puppy.  Well, that is if you can call a 120lb bundle of energy a puppy.  Bear is definitely the perfect name for him.  Everyone loves him and ask where we got such a pretty dog.  Here is a picture of our big boy!
Thanks Jim

Porsha starts service training Monday. She is truly a joy. She is loving the beach stays with us off leash and comes to call!
She has mastered all basic commands and moving on. Thank you for our little blessing!
Juli Frost

Let me say as a previous customer of Razzle Dazzle Labradors that they are worth every penny. We love our Bear, who is now 3 yrs old. He is a true member of our family. He loves our kids. We take him to the ballpark and to the lake to play. He is the most well mannered lab!!
-Crystal Miller

Brooke, This is our baby Leonidas McMillan. It's been pouring and his happiest times are chasing a tennis ball outside. On rainy days he runs about 20 minutes on the treadmill. He just finished a run and this picture turned out well. We love him so much and thank you daily.
Love, Alison

Merry Christmas from Carter :) He is 6 months old and 65 lbs! We get compliments everywhere we go!

Hi, We just wanted to send you a updated picture of Bonnie at 7 months old. She is doing great and bringing our family so much joy.
Happy Holidays to your and your family.

Good Evening Brooke. Just wanted to send you an update on Emma. She is the BEST dog ever! Now 6 months old and almost half way in lab training. A BIG THANK YOU! You are doing a fantastic job! God Bless you!
Radu Moisa in Alabama

Dear Brooke, I finally have a minute to properly thank you for sending us Kara. We have named her Bonnie and she is such a delight. Your website said you breed for temperament and you weren't kidding. I have had labs growing up...none were ever as special as Bonnie. She is such a sweet puppy. I have attached some pictures to show you how big she is getting. You really have made our family so happy. Thank you for being such a wonderful breeder who fills so many homes with happiness.
Thanks again-The Oest family


Hey Brooke,
 We wanted to send you some pictures of our little buddy Ruger in case you would like to use them for your website.  He is just wonderful.  He has been a full time job for sure!  After 2 weeks he was ringing the bell at the back door to go out to do his business and he has never messed in his crate nor done number 2 in the house...ever!.  He is so smart and responds so well.  He loves swimming in the lake too.  Tomorrow he will be 14 weeks old.  We have a dog trainer coming over once a week and Ruger gets better everyday.  It has not taken long to have him behaving properly.  He proves to us all the time that we made a great choice in picking him and getting him from you.  He always draws a crowd...(especialy women).  Leah tells me I can't take him places without her. HAHA! He's just the coolest lab you've ever seen!  Anyhoo, as you can tell...we love him.  And we thank you so much for him.  Hope all is well and keep up the good work.
 Thanks a lot!
 Buck and Leah

Just a short note to tell you how much we appreciate what you are doing. We got Emma from you about 2 months ago and she is like our child. Great temperament and attitude, happy and easy going. Your breeding program produced the best dog we ever had. We should have some pictures to send over soon

Thank you Alina

Hi, I thought you would love to see how big your past puppy I believe u named him Bradley or something like that, but we named him Slater. He has been one big joy of our family & we are so happy with him.
Happy holidays!
Thank you Lori Mendenhall


I see someone has taken Ty and Rhett wow that's fantastic.. Leo is progressing well with the housebreaking and growing like crazy. He gets another round of shots tomorrow and a weight check. I have to say of our 3 labradors we have adopted he is the most easy going, calm and extremely loving puppy we have had so far. I guess I was hoping that Rhett would be around for a while with the hopes of getting Robert interested in a second but I am thrilled that all the puppies have found good homes. Hope you don't mind us keeping you informed of how Leo is doing. Thanks again Brooke for breeding and nurturing such wonderful Labradors. I know you said on the rough days you wonder why you do what you do but PLEASE think back on our family and the fact that you were able to help us heal from such a tragic situation and allow us to again fall in love with a dog who I am sure will bring our family years of enjoyment. You have such a special purpose in this life and you are doing a wonderful job of helping others through the puppies you help bring into this world. Yesterday Andrew finally fulfilled a dream he has had since our first Labrador Charlotte passed from bone cancer 4 years ago. He was finally able to take a nap with his puppy sleeping beside him. Its hard to believe how important that was to him being that he is 20 but it really meant the world to him and we thank you for that. The combination of Lucy and Cruise was the perfect choice for us and we know without your knowledge of their personalities we would not be experiencing this joy today. So when you think you are about to lose it repairing fences and chasing dogs around the yard just remember there is always another hurting family longing for what you can provide them a loyal loving companion. Thanks again Alison, Robert and Andrew McMillan
Alison McMillan

Hi Brooke,
I am not sure if you remember me or not but I bought McKensi from you in February 2011.  I just wanted to let you know that she is doing wonderful and we absolutely love her.  Her name is Georgia .  She is 7 1/2 months old and weighs approximately 50 lbs.  Georgia is so sweet and smart and absolutely loves the water!!!  I just wanted to let you know that I will refer anyone interested in a lab puppy to you without hesitation as she is a truly wonderful addition to our family. 

Attached are photos of her:

This was her first trip to the beach in July 2011           Here is Georgia and her daddy the day I picked her up from the airport!
Her first day in Baton Rouge LA          The beach!
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful puppy.  Hopefully this finds you well.

Lynn T. Sharer

We just brought home one of the puppies from the litter of Lucy and Cruise. We have had "Colt" for 10 days and he is wonderful. He is our 3rd Labrador and our first adoption from Razzle Dazzle. He is wonderful and so loving. Its really too early to tell how his size will round out or how is coloring will end up but he has the sweetest disposition of any Labrador we have owned. I know there are a few puppies left from this particular litter and I just wanted to put out the word that if you are looking for a wonderful, loving puppy Rhett or Ty would be wonderful choices. Brooke we love our little guy and will keep you informed throughout the years as we enjoy "Colt" now known as Leo. Thanks so much for the love of our life.
-Love the McMillans

We just love our dog, Cooper Mulligan. He brought such healing after our chocolate lab died suddenly of liver cancer. He is so smart and we love him. I would go straight back to Brooke for another dog if I ever was in need of another dog and I strongly recommend them in their program.
-Terri Patterson

When we went to come get Rhett we were really nervous but when we got there you made our visit really easy. You have a great setup and you truly breed exceptional Labrador retrievers. Our 4 month old Baby "Rhett" is not such a baby anymore, he is actually a 42 pound muscle mass that loves the water. Which is exactly what I was hoping for when I got him. He is such a great dog and I just want to thank you for everything and all the help you have given me since we got him.
-Pierce Markowitz

Hello Brooke,
I just wanted to send you a pic of our little Gracie.She is doing fine here with us and loves her big doggy sister Maddie.As you can see the kids love and kiss on her all the time.
We took her to the beach this past weekend,but she is still scared of the water,but she loves to spill her waterbowl and roll around in the mud.
Thank you so much again.We love her to pieces and just wanted you to know that she is well taken care of.
Petra and family

Hello!  My name is Jill and my Husband Josh and I got our yellow lab from you all last april and just wanted to send some pictures showing you how "tucker" is doing!  He's a beautiful dog and we couldn't be happier!!  He was in Lucy & Beau's litter. Thanks again!
Jill Cohen

Hi Brooke,
Miller is doing great and we are really having a lot of fun watching him grow up.  He now ways over 40 lbs!
Pat Yarbro

I recently got a yellow female, Marley, from Lucy and Beau's litter in Jan '08. It was a christmas present for my husband, and I couldn't have picked a better present. It was wonderful dealing with Brooke, and she helped me in anyway she could with Marley. I also loved being recently posted with pictures on the website of our new baby. She is now doing wonderful, very smart, and very big!!! If we ever get another lab puppy I know who I will call again. Thanks Brooke!
Sandra Dudley

We got our Chocolate Lab, Roxy from Brooke this past September ‘08. She was from Jake and Scarlet’s litter. Our first night at home with Roxy didn’t go so well (she was just scared), so I emailed Brooke and asked her what should I do. She gave great advice and it worked! Roxy is a great addition to our family.  Roxy is a beautiful, very smart, and loving dog! Brooke also does a great job with posting pictures on the website, I love to see pictures of Roxy’s brothers & sisters. I am very happy with our decision to get a puppy from Razzle Dazzle Labradors. 
Stephanie Smith

After finally convincing my husband to let us get a dog, we found Brooke's website.  I called her right away (before my husband changed his mind!) and told her we wanted a yellow female.  She was on vacation with her family on  Hilton Head (where we live) but took the time to answer any and all the questions I had.  My husband went to pick up Georgia as a surprise for our 12 year old and 3 year old boys.  Georgia is the sweetest thing and has acclimated to our family wonderfully.  We take her everywhere! If she isn't running on the beach, she is in the marsh or the back yard with the boys.  I couldn't have asked for a better dog.  I have the website as a favorite on my computer and look at it at least once a week.  I love all the pictures of the other puppies from the litter and am now trying to convince my husband to let us get another one!!  Thank you Brooke for everything!! Hope you will be hearing from me soon!!
Beth Moore

My husband and I bought Molly from Scarlet and Jake's litter on October 2, 2008. Molly has an amazing temperament. She is full of energy, but is also a snuggle bunny. She listens and obeys commands, and was very quick to be house broken! We take Molly everywhere with us. From the mountains in North Georgia, to Lake Allatoona next door,  Molly has been an amazing addition to our family. Random strangers will come up to us and tell us what a beautiful girl she is. Her parents are very beautiful, and Molly is a direct product of them. Razzle Dazzle Labradors is the only place we'll ever buy dogs from! Thanks for everything, Brooke!

Amanda Winker