Razzle Dazzle Labradors of Georgia

Quality AKC Registered Labrador Retriever (Lab) Puppies for Sale in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Champagne, Chocolate, Silver, Black & Charcoal in Georgia.

To recent outbreaks of diseases such as the Parvovirus, etc. in and around the Georgia area, we've had to change our visitation policy.  We've always just taken people at their words that they will not visit another kennel for several days before coming here, but have learned that other breeders have had outbreaks of various illnesses at their facilities.  Protecting our puppies from illness is FAR more important to us than "making a sale".  With this in mind, we've decided to change our visitation policy, and not allow people to just "window shop".  Puppies are very fragile when so young, especially before they've had all their vaccinations.  So we've decided to change our practices and only allow people that have placed a deposit to come to view our puppies.  This way we're assured that no one has first been to someone else's breeding facility where they could potentially carry illnesses with them to our place.  AFTER a deposit is placed, you are free to set up an appointment to view the puppies and choose your pick, if you haven't already.  We are NOT a Puppymill, we've nothing to hide.  We just value our puppies and need to protect them from diseases and parasites, etc.  I know people who already have a puppy reserved with us are thankful for this policy, as they certainly do not want their new baby to get sick.  We are knowledgeable, professional breeders with many years of experience in breeding quality, healthy puppies.  If this is unacceptable to you, then please find a Back Yard breeder that has no knowledge or concern for the safety of their puppies.  Trust me, there are thousands out there. 

To place a deposit or schedule a visit if you already have a deposit with us, please give us a call (706) 498-8226 or send us an EMAIL
We do try to be as accommodating as possible, but not at the risk of our puppies' health.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are available by appointment only. If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment or are running late please have the courtesy to let us know. We have a very busy schedule and typically have to arrange our own schedule to meet with you. Thank you!